You'll need a powerful Financial Advisor by your side when planning your financial future.

International Financial Advisors

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What's our vision?

Our goal is to provide both, short and long-term financial consultancy and see your businesses prosper and benefit from the collaboration. 

Why Choose Us?

We always tend to offer an individual approach to every client. CONSTA provides personalized financial advice in every single case, so that your specific financial goals can be achieved in the most efficient manner.

Why Not Do It Yourself?

When it comes to fundamental financial decisions, calling for professional advice will help you save your time and money, make wise steps to your and your company's financial stability.

Unbiased advice

CONSTA offers unbiased advice to individuals and institutions to manage their finances in a professional way.

Financial Forecasting and Analysis  

We take time to realize deep case analysis and forecasting to maintain a well-tailored constructive financial roadmap.

Proactive management

Proactive management of clients' financial situation clients' and real-time solutions.

Powerful Collaborations

CONSTA strongly cooperates with the world's leading financial corporations and industry influencers.

Our client feedback

  • Vin Stevens "Authentic and satisfying consulting that makes you feel more confident about your future. Great job!"
  • Martha Adams "It's been a year already, that CONSTA is assisting our company and our financial situation has never been more stable before."

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Financial Advisors, One Philosophy

A highly professional team of international advisors qualified in the best institutions around the world. We also organize monthly trainings and seminars for the financial agents to keep the finger on pulse of industry recent trends. learn more.


success stories

Everybody has a their own perspective of success and achievements, but the frank feedback and success stories from our clients never fail to impress and trigger a desire to chase your goals. learn more.


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CONSTA agrees that knowledge is power and believes in the constant striving to acheive it. That's why we organize seminars, where our speakers share their experience with anyone interested in financial growth. learn more.


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